Monday, 2 March 2015

The BELOW AVERAGE SPORTCAST# 26'. Another Wildcat joins the fold

The Below Average Sports Cast #26 - Another Cat Joins the Fold

This episode Joe 'Scuttsy' Scutts, Mark 'The Angry Budgie' Woodcock and I are joined by special guest Ben Callaghan another Wildcats fan ( taking over the show now!!)  We divulge sporting topics like:

The Six Nations Rugby Union, Football chat, Cricket World Cup round up and we marvel at how Fantastic England have played.NOT!!  Besides that there is the Macclesfield Town update from Mark and look back at the EPL Ice Hockey and some rumors.

Predictions are back and where i hope to claw points back and avoid wearing a Swindon jersey at Playoffs. And the show is done ALL IN THE BEST POSSSSSSIBLE TASTE!

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